Who can I contact ?

Your family doctor and pediatrician are the first contacts who can provide essential information on atopic eczema and prescribe the initial classical treatments for the disease.

atopic eczema contact dermatologistThe chronic aspect of the disease, however, requires a long-term view and, much more than occasional prescriptions, a real therapeutic plan.
The dermatologist's additional contribution takes place at this level in providing personal treatment and adjusting the therapy accordingly.

The impact of atopic eczema on the quality of life of a child and his or her family has been the subject of a number of studies that have been published.
Severe atopic dermatitis have a considerable impact. In addition to the medication used for flare-ups, essentially dermocorticosteroids, an entire educational program must be deployed: hygiene advice, the use of emollients, behavioural therapy to control itching, etc.

This treatment plan may start at the doctor's office and is completed by health education specifically dedicated to atopic eczema whether in a collective or personalized setting depending on each patient's profile.
At the end of the day, the result depends on all these additional measures.