Definition of "Atopy school"

The atopy school is first and foremost a forum for listening and exchanging, both for parents and children. It is often located in a hospital. The difficulties inherent in the treatment, the fear of dermocorticosteroids, the lack of knowledge, and isolation often cause despair among children and their parents. They need to talk about their disease, their daily life and fears. This takes time, listening skills, counselling and professionals to talk to and who can help ...

Structures specifically dedicated to the treatment of patients suffering from atopic eczema have been created. They are atopy schools, sometimes called therapeutic education centers for atopy. They are organized on the basis of multidisciplinary teams (dermatologist, pediatrician, allergist, psychologist, nurses, etc.) trained in therapeutic education.


definition of atopy school atopic eczema

Atopy School, by Prof. Baeck (University Clinic of Saint Luc in Brussels)

A real hospital team serves the patient in order to specifically address his or her issues, i.e. :

  • Play down the disease.
  • Understand the disease and its evolution.
  • Acquire a good understanding of why the treatment was prescribed and how to follow it properly.
  • Thoroughly understand the importance of the recommendations and comply with them : hygiene, the application of the emollient, etc.
  • Ask any and all questions to better cope with the disease on a daily basis.

Therapeutic education is used :

  • to provide better long-term care of the disease
  • to improve both compliance with the treatment and the quality of life of patients and their families