Therapeutic Education in Atopic Dermatitis (DA) in Brazil on April 02, 2019

Thu, 05/23/2019 - 10:45
Therapeutic Education in Atopic Dermatitis in Brazil

The Eczema Foundation (FDA) of Pierre Fabre Laboratories and the Eau Thermale Avène brand as funding member of the Foundation, have initiated a solidarity partnership with focus on Therapeutic Education in Atopic Dermatitis (DA) in Brazil on April 02, 2019


The definition of the Space for Therapeutic Education in Atopic Dermatitis happened during a visit of the team of professionals from the FDA to Brazil in November 2018. The chosen health unit was the Municipal Hospital Jesus (HMJ), located in the neighborhood Vila Isabel, In Rio de Janeiro city. This hospital, founded in 1935, is a pediatric care unit of the municipal public network that today receives children from 93 municipalities in the State of Rio de Janeiro, with different pediatric complaints. It is considered a reference in the formation of multiple medical specialties.


Therapeutic Education in Atopic Dermatitis Brazil


The team formed by Sophie Mery (FDA manager), Helene Passerini (manager of the Atopia Schools, FDA) and Prof. Jean-François Stalder (professor at the University of Nantes, France and specialist in AD consultant at the FDA) defined the institution as the initial milestone of the Foundation's activities in Brazil. On April 2nd during this year, the space dedicated to Therapeutic Education in Atopic Dermatitis at the Hospital was inaugurated. On this day, we had the presence of Brazilian leadership team: Philippe de Carvalho - Director of Business Unit, Dr. Ana Lucia Coutinho - Medical Director, Renata Mallet - Human Resources Director, Flavianne Baptista - Marketing Director, Ana Luiza Sother - Digital Marketing / PR Coordinator.

The hospital's medical team was represented by its director Dr. Ariane Molinaro and medical staff Drs. Ana Mosca, Isabel Kanaan, Adriana Mesquita among others.

The inauguration of a space dedicated to the Therapeutic Education in Atopic Dermatitis in the HMJ is undoubtedly an important milestone for the laboratory in Brazil and for the scientific medical community and its patients with this debilitating, urban and progressively growing pathology in Brazil as well as in the world. The Hospital space also plans to have in the future outdoor activities with therapeutic sessions in a planned place for a vegetable garden and a sensory garden both supported by KLORANE BOTANICAL FOUNDATION. In addition, the development of clinical studies that seek to better understand these patients with AD in relation to their community and social environment. Pierre Fabre believes in the science and therapeutic education of AD patients.


Planta Baixa Jardim Sensoial Hospital Jesus Brazil