Presentation of the Eczema Foundation

Eczema FoundationBecause atopic dermatitis is one of the most prevalent skin diseases …
Because it significantly alters the quality of life of millions of children and their families … Because a great deal of research work is still required to solve all of its mysteries ... Pierre Fabre Laboratories have decided to seek even closer relations between scientists, doctors, patients and their families by creating a corporate foundation exclusively dedicated to atopic dermatitis.

 A foundation for research

Eczema Foundation researchThe teams involved in research on atopic dermatitis, whether in the fields of epidemiology, genetics, immunology, fundamental or clinical research, may apply to the Foundation for material support subject to approval by the Foundation's Scientific Committee.


A foundation for information

Eczema Foundation informationAtopic dermatitis is not well known. Parents, as well as educators, doctors and other healthcare professionals, need information on the nature of atopic dermatitis, its treatments, impact on the life of patients and their families, and the best ways to relieve the burden this disease creates. The Foundation will contribute to the distribution of this information through media targeting professionals and the general public.


 A foundation for education

Eczema Foundation therapeutic educationLike all chronic diseases, atopic dermatitis is often difficult to treat. Children and parents, who do not always know how to take advantage of available treatments, with their benefits but also limitations, often become discouraged. Therapeutic education uses appropriate tools to provide the knowledge required, which can be immediately transformed into precious know-how to be applied in everyday life.
Atopy Schools, already in existence, have acquired experience that the Foundation will help communicate.




Founding members

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Board of Directors

Dr Georges FARAH
Dr Sophie MERY
M. Stéphane LABATTUT
Mme Valérie MENGEAUD
Pr Jean-François STALDER
(Hôtel Dieu - Nantes)
(Hôpital Bambino Gesù - Rome)
Pr Alain GOLAY
(Hôpitaux Universitaires - Genève)