NEW ! The SCORAD software

Fri, 01/15/2016 - 15:30
application scorad


This application allows you to complete a rapid assessment during consultations and save your patients’ SCORAD with every visit.

An assessment score helps the physician to better manage and treat the patient. This new applet takes into account the differences between three skin types: white, dark and Asian skin and offers the possibility to take photos of the significant lesions.


You can refer to the illustrations, if necessary, when scoring symptoms (all skin types).

Po-scorad : évaluer son eczéma selon le type de peau : caucasienne, noire ou asiatique

If you wish, you can use the illustrations to teach patients how to recognize their symptoms. 


envoi du poscorad en pdfWith this application, you can export patients’ overall SCORAD by e-mail in order to complete their dossier.

envoi du poscorad en xlsThis application allows you to export data in html format (to be converted into .xls) if your patient’s SCORAD is a study endpoint.



application scorad

picto poscorad tablette smartphoneevaluer son eczéma avec po-scorad nouvelle version

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