Creating a personalized TPE program

A therapeutic education program includes 4 stages

therapeutic education program 4 stages

2. Creating a personalized TPE program

A personalized program is created based on the needs detected during the educational diagnosis.
The information gathered allows the healthcare professional to get to know the patient better, and to assess their level of motivation and ability to manage thedisease. Together, the patient and doctor set objectives which are called learning objectives. Individual and/or group sessions are offered to the patient to help them practice what they’ve learned.

  • A personalized program allows the patient to strive to achieve precise goals.
  • This commitment adds a sense of responsibility, and motivates the patient to acquire the skills needed to reach the objectives defined with the doctor.
  • This agreement can be verbal or written.
  • It fosters a positive learning environment, which will later help evaluate the patient’s progress.

Examples of patient skills to be acquired

TPE patient skills to be acquired

This personalized program aims to increase patient independence with emphasis on one or more specific points, helping the patient to live more comfortably with the disease.