Atopic eczema: Are you familiar with Design Thinking?

Tue, 04/09/2019 - 10:00
Design Thinking dans la dermatite atopique

A day focusing on the subject of “Design Thinking in atopic dermatitis” puts the patient at the heart of discussions.


The Eczema Foundation, partner of Entretiens d’Avène, explains all about this subject…


The 2018 Entretiens d’Avène was held on June 8, covering the subject of “Design Thinking in Atopic Dermatitis,” which was an opportunity to give patients a chance to speak for the first time.

Design Thinking is the term used for co-creating a solution addressing a problem that has been voiced. It is the intellectual approach by designers, hence its name.


Various people involved in caring for atopic patients, including  dermatologists, nurses, patient association representatives and designers, came together to discuss patients’ daily problems.
Eleven nationalities were represented for this working day in Avène.


Design Thinking: Introduction to Design Thinking: definition, methodology, goals.
Participants : Pr. R. Takaoka, G. Raulik Murphy, Pr. J-F. Stalder, M-A. Martincic


To start the day, Dr. R. Takaoka, specialist in Design Thinking for atopic dermatitis, and Ms. G. Murphy-Raulik, designer specializing in Design Thinking, presented the basics of atopic dermatitis, the principle of Design Thinking, and the often simple and very surprising achievements resulting from this method.

Dr. J.F. Stalder and Dr. D. Guerrero highlighted the importance of therapeutic education in treating atopic dermatitis.

Later in the day, workshops between patients and healthcare professionals were held in the form of round-table discussions. This unique moment allowed patients to raise the problems related to their condition and to share them with all the healthcare professionals who were present.

Improvement in quality of life and the need for consistent and non-contradictory information relating to the overall treatment of their condition emerged as major issues for patients.


A joint effort, led by Dr. Takaoka and Ms. Murphy-Raulik, meant that everyone was able to express their creativity and agree on collective proposals.

The solutions and online support were welcomed, such as the creation of blogs for discussions between patients and the creation of a certification label making it possible to recognize sites that are a reference in terms of medical information approved by healthcare professionals with expertise in treating atopic dermatitis.


Throughout the day, interviews were conducted with patients, associations, healthcare professionals and other experts, leading to four videos currently being shown on the French WebTV “Fréquence médicale” and “Pourquoi Docteur” and the international “MD-fm.”

These videos are available in 4 languages: French, English, Italian and Spanish.