Atopic Eczema : School workshops programme

Thu, 09/26/2019 - 10:30
EOS ateliers pédagogiques en milieu scolaire

Proposal to roll out a unique service of educational school workshops for children with eczema and their peers in the UK

Eczema Outreach Support


Children with atopic eczema suffer at school

Even though eczema affects 1 in 5 children in the UK, it is often misunderstood and its impact vastly underestimated. A child with moderate to severe eczema may experience recurrent flares and infections, constant itch, enduring treatments, hospital admissions, reduced access to activities, sleepless nights and physical pain. Eczema can also lead to low confidence and isolation. Research shows that it has a significant negative impact on education, social life and the family as a whole. 20% of children with eczema are bullied and many are denied basic healthcare and emotional support at school.


As a result, our school-age members often experience physical and emotional struggles, which jeopardise their long-term well-being. EOS is the only support service their families can turn to for 1-1 practical help, including school issues related to eczema.


Our eczema workshops can turn a child’s school life around

Since 2016, EOS has delivered over 100 free workshops in our Scottish member’s schools and recently ran pilot sessions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland after becoming UK-wide in 2018.


EOS Parent: “ The difference in Mathew is huge since EOS has come in. He’s a lot happier to go to school; the kids who used to call him names now help him out. The teacher is also a lot more understanding and has made arrangement to avoid eczema triggers in the classroom for him. ”


Demand for our school workshops across the UK is increasing fast

To meet this demand, we are developing a new model which will allow us to scale up our workshops: we plan to appoint an Outreach Co-ordinator who will train and manage 10 regional Sessional Workers to deliver school workshops in their respective areas. They will also help facilitating our local family events.


What happens during a workshop?

Each 1-hour session offers a package of educational, fun and interactive activities adapted to the children’s age. They cover the science behind eczema, living with the condition and how to help someone with eczema. We always aim to involve our young person with eczema in the delivery of the workshop to maximise the long-term impact of the workshop on them and their peers.


Child, member of EOS: “ Thank you for telling the class how my skin feels. I really enjoyed the lesson, it was so cool. It made me more confident with my eczema.”


At the end of the session, teachers are provided with specialist resources to help them meet the needs of all children with eczema in their schools.


Teacher: “ The resources will further raise awareness and create much greater understanding of what sufferers of eczema go through. I will use them to facilitate another eczema lesson.”


EOS ateliers pédagogiques


Can you help?

Please contact Magali Redding, CEO on or 01506 840 395 / 0780 704 8070 - Registered Charity SC042392