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Wed, 02/06/2019 - 10:00
Eczema Outreach Support

Eczema Outreach Support


Eczema Outreach Support, a UK-wide charity providing practical and emotional support to families with eczema, has published a new activity book for children with the condition (aged 3 to 10), as part as their “High 5 Club” resources.




It is filled with fun and engaging activities that aim to improve the knowledge and self-management skills of children with eczema.

EOS High 5 Club

We asked the founding CEO of EOS, Magali Redding who is originally from France, what makes the charity a unique service for its members :

"At EOS, we believe that every child with eczema and their family should feel supported, connected and confident to cope with the impact of the condition on life, so over the past 6 years, we have set up a range of activities to achieve our aims" :

  1. We support and empower families of children with eczema up to 18 through the provision of tailored information, 1-1 practical and emotional support from a dedicated support worker and specialist resources.
  2. We increase the confidence and self-management skills of children & young people through our 2 virtual clubs: the High 5 Club (age 3-10) and XY Club (age 11+) ; we also run eczema workshops in their schools to fight stigma and bullying.
  3. We offer families opportunities to meet and share experiences with a programme of large events, drop-in sessions and a vibrant online community
  4. We shape services, encourage research and influence policy by being the voice of our members at national and international levels
  5. We improve understanding of the impact of eczema on life by raising awareness of the condition in local communities and through sessions with healthcare professionals.


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Magali has 3 daughters, one of whom suffers from eczema (Gaelle, centre).