The Foundation for Atopic Dermatitis has evolved and now becomes the Eczema Foundation*

Mon, 10/07/2019 - 11:30
Logo Eczema Foundation

Eczema Foundation, Pierre Fabre Laboratories Corporate Foundation


The Foundation’s 15-year international experience in atopic eczema and the long-standing expertise of its founding members and scientific advisors are assets in leveraging its know-how in new areas.


The Foundation is now expanding its Research, Information and Education missions to all types of eczema.

The creation of a caring alliance between healthcare professionals and patients will remain its guiding principle to honor its mission: Living better with eczema.



*Modification of the name adopted by the Founders on 22.5.2019 under the condition precedent of the administrative authorization provided for by the provisions of Act No. 87-571 of 23 July 1987.