Daily care : Find an alternative to scratching

100% of individuals suffering from eczema scratch.

viscious circle atopic eczema itchingScratching is a consequence of the itching caused by the pathologies.
Consequences : abrasions, risks of superinfection and thickening of the skin (lichenification).
The compulsive need to scratch leads to a vicious cycle.

What you need to know :

  • The less scratch my skin, the less it will itch.
  • The less I scratch, the less I feel like scratching.

The causes of itching :

  • Skin dryness.
  • A scratching habit.
  • Stress.

To tell a child to stop scratching is useless.
The comment will exasperate the child and make him or her want to scratch even more.
So an alternative to scratching has to be found!


Here are a few alternatives

Moisturizing: prevents and soothes itching.
Thermal water : apply prolonged sprays or compresses soaked in thermal water, then an emollient.
Cold : "anesthetizes" itching.
Put the thermal water spray in the refrigerator.
Spray the thermal water, then ventilate to increase a feeling of freshness.
You can use gel packs; make sure they are covered to avoid direct contact with the skin.
You can also use smooth stones, wooden rollers …
For itching at night, remember to apply an emollient before going to bed and keep thermal water spray and a moisturizing cream on the night table.


The daily recommendations are drawn from the training DVD.