Daily care : The home and the environment

clothing daily care eczemaClothing :

Avoid excess clothing on children.
(Perspiration causes itching).
Prefer cotton clothes, soft to the touch (avoid synthetic materials and wool, which are often itchy).
Use regular laundry detergent, but rinse well.
Avoid drying laundry outside during the pollination season.


home daily care atopic eczemaHome :

Do not overheat the bedroom.
Air the room out in all seasons.
Avoid potential allergens : dust, animal hair, mites
Avoid rugs, and feather pillows and duvets
In the close environment, avoid having cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters …
No tobacco in any circumstance …


sun atopic eczema daily careSun :

Spontaneous improvements often occur in the summer.
At times, poor tolerance (itching caused by sweat) so be careful !


seaside atopic eczema daily careSeaside :

No problem (unless presence of weeping lesions that will sting).
Rinse afterwards, as the salt on the skin causes smarting.


nails atopic eczema daily care Nails :

Cut nails short to avoid excoriation when scratching.


sports atopic eczema daily care Sports :

No problem, as long as there is no excessive perspiration ; always rinse under a shower after exertion and apply an emollient to avoid pruritis.


swimming pool atopic eczemaSwimming pool :

No problem, but rinse under the shower, then apply an emollient.
If needed, you can apply a protective cream.


vaccinations atopic eczemaVaccinations :

Have them done normally.


Anything else?

This is the role of atopy schools, to listen to patients and parents, and address their individual problems.