Daily care : Hygiene and moisturization


shower hygiene atopic eczema.Water temperature between 32° and 34° (heat increases skin dryness and reactivates inflammations).
A five minute shower every day (hard water dries the skin, chlorine irritates it).
Turn the water off when washing (reduces the time of contact between the skin and the water).
For those who like baths and for children : add a liquid emollient to the bath to neutralize water hardness. 10 to 15 minutes at most so that the contact with the municipal water is not too long. 
Wash with soap-free products (dermatological gel or bar) as the PH is closest to that of the skin and does not aggravate skin dryness.
Wash with your hands (cleaner than a washcloth).
Wash hair with dermatological shampoos that are soft or intended for frequent use.
Gently cleanse the face.
Do not use cotton, as rubbing can irritate.
Create lather with the cleansing products using finger tips.
Remove the excess product with a tissue or rinse.
Finish with thermal water spray and dry by patting, as rubbing reactivates pruritis.



daily moisturization and atopic eczema

  • daily moisturization atopic eczema Daily moisturization  of the skin with an emollient is crucial.

It softens the skin.

It hydrates the skin.

It protects the skin.

  • Its benefits have been proven

The skin barrier function is restored.

Itching and irritation sensations are reduced.

A few recommendations

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recommendations hygiene daily care atopic eczemaRemember to wash your hands before applying the emollient.
Apply the emollient once or twice a day according to the doctor's prescription.
Apply the emollient after every shower.

  • The cream is easier to apply on skin that is slightly damp.

Choose hypoallergenic emollients.

  • Hypoallergenic does not mean anallergic.
  • Risks are minimized.
  • All the ingredients are selected to be as non-allergenic as possible.

Apply a thin layer of the emollient.

  • An occlusion on injured skin favors superinfection.

It is important to continue applying the emollient even when the state of the skin is satisfactory.