Evaluate your eczema with the PO-SCORAD

The PO-SCORAD is a tool designed for patients with atopic eczema (including children) and for parents of children with atopy. With the PO-Scorad application, patients can complete their own evaluations of their condition rapidly and regularly, using the same scoring system used by their doctor.
The PO-SCORAD thus allows patients to create an evolving curve for their eczema in between doctor visits.

What is the PO-SCORAD?

po scorad new

Thanks to the PO-Scorad application, patients with atopic eczema, or parents of children with atopy, as well as the children themselves, can quickly and regularly evaluate the condition of their disease.
Self assessment helps you to better survey and better treat your eczema.

New features

The new version of the PO-SCORAD includes illustrations for all skin types and allows all patients to recognize their symptoms.  and also allows patients to take photos of their lesions in order to illustrate a specific moment between two consultations.

Po-scorad : évaluer son eczéma selon le type de peau : caucasienne, noire ou asiatique

You can calculate your score weekly and send it to your doctor.  The communication between the patient and the doctor will be improved , thanks to 2 new features:

envoi du poscorad en pdfThe patient can send your doctor a screenshot (in .pdf) of the PO-SCORAD and, if necessary, attach photos of symptoms along with your comments.

envoi du poscorad en xlsIf the patient is a participant in a study, the doctor may ask him to send information in .xls format.


evaluate your eczema with the po-scorad

The PO-SCORAD application is available for Mac, PC, tablets and smartphones (iPad, iPhone and Android).

Download the PO-SCORAD app

How to use the PO-SCORAD software ?

The PO-SCORAD is a monitoring tool for therapeutic education, one which helps the patient to better understand their disease and to better manage flare-ups, thus becoming more independent.


There are special organizations to assist with therapeutic education in the field of atopic dermatitis. These are also called “atopy schools”. To find out more about them, click on the link below.

Specialized teams to assist you : List of Atopy schools