Leuven Itch Scale 1.0 Manual Version: February 2015

T6, 03/04/2015 - 18:15
leuven itch scale manual feb 2015


The Leuven Itch Scale (LIS). The LIS is an instrument to measure itch in patients experiencing pruritus of different origin. The novelty of the LIS, in contrast with several previously developed instruments, is that it approaches itch as a symptom, and that it consequently measures all aspects of that symptom: frequency, duration, severity, circumstances, treatment, consequences, sensory characteristics, distress and location(s).

Hence, it provides a comprehensive view on the issue of itch, and measures itch over the past 4 weeks. The LIS can also be used to assess subaspects of itch. Indeed, we have developed algorithms to calculate subscale scores on 6 domains: frequency, duration, severity, distress, consequences and surface. Hence, the LIS can be used both in descriptive studies as in clinical trials/intervention studies to evaluate whether the therapy under study is effective in the reduction of one or more aspects of itch. The LIS is found to be a useful and clinimetrically sound instrument capable of measuring pruritus in different patient populations affected by itching (Haest et al., 2011).
This manual describes the coding convention and algorithms to calculate subscale scores. Each item has a predefined variable name (e.g. LIS1_Tx). LIS1 refers to item 1 of the LIS. Tx refers to the measuring point. In a cross-sectional study, Tx will become T1 in the database. In longitudinal studies, Tx refers to T1, T2, T3, etc.

Haest C, Casaer MP, Daems A, De Vos B, Vermeersch E, Morren M, Van Steenbergen W, Ceuppens JL, Moons P. Measurement of itching: Validation of the Leuven Itch Scale. Burns 2011; 37: 939-950.

Example: The LIS is used in a longitudinal study, measuring itch 3 times, each with an interval of 4 weeks. The first item of the LIS will be named LIS1_T1, LIS1_T2, LIS1_T3, respectively.


Leuven Itch Scale 1.0

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